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Breast cancer

  • Is the most common cancer type in women
  • About 9.000 women in Sweden are diagnosed with breast cancer annually
  • Is the cause of death of more than four Swedish women - every day
  • Depends on early detection in order to achieve the best treatment results
  • Sweden, compared to the rest of the world, has better survival rates

The Swedish Breast Cancer Association

  • works actively for the rights of women, aged 40-74 years, to have access to mammograms, regardless of where they live.
  • works actively for the rights of breast cancer patients to have access to high quality diagnostics, treatment, care and rehabilitation, regardless of where they live.
  • works actively for the rights of breast cancer patients to receive treatment for lymph edema within the established health care agreements. Lymph edema is a common complication that might occur following surgical or radiation therapy.
  • works actively to inform surgically treated breast cancer patients of the possibilities of reconstructive breast surgery.

The Swedish Breast Cancer Association

is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit organization consisting of 33 breast cancer societies from all over Sweden. The Swedish Breast Cancer Association was founded in 1982 and has nearly 11.000 members.

Bröstcancerförbundet - The Swedish Breast Cancer Association 

The organization Bröstcancerförbundet, The Swedish Breast Cancer Association, looks after the interests of breast cancer patients and patients with genetically higher risk of developing breast cancer by:

  • Influencing politicians to improve diagnostics, care and rehabilitation
  • Informing about the experiences and conditions of people treated with breast cancer
  • Working for improved assistive technology
  • Arranging conferences, symposia and training sessions
  • Providing information and educational material
  • Providing a quarterly member journal, Magasin B
  • Awarding scholarships and research grants from the Swedish Breast Cancer Foundation and the Elisabeth Hedins foundation
  • Working internationally by being member of EUROPA DONNA and Reach to Recovery International
  • Administering the Swedish Breast Cancer Foundation - Bröstcancerfonden

The Volunteer contact personnel

The backbone of The Swedish Breast Cancer Association´s work

In spite of an understanding family and considerate friends, a person who has had breast cancer surgery may feel alone, and that nobody quite understands her/his situation. It is difficult for family and friends to fully realize the psychological and physical problems that might occur with breast cancer.

There is a special kind of support in being able to speak with someone who has been through the same situation; someone who has been treated for breast cancer and is now physically and mentally recovered. The Swedish Breast Cancer Association member volunteers are professionally educated and guided in their function as contact persons. The volunteers refer all medical questions to the medically trained staff. They are under an obligation of ethical secrecy. Even family members are welcome to contact local volunteers for support.

A directory of the breast cancer societies can be found at

Support for next of kin

There are volunteers serving as contact persons to support next of kin (family, relatives, partners, friends, colleagues etc).

Support over the web

The website is a meeting place on the internet where persons treated for breast cancer as wells as other persons might meet to discuss their views and experiences.

The breast cancer societies

  • Works to spread objective information regarding breast cancer
  • Supports its members through personal contacts and meetings
  • Offers a telephone answering service
  • Arranges discussion groups
  • Trains members to become volunteers
  • Provides women with practical advice regarding prostheses, support (compression) sleeves, wigs and other aids
  • Works in assistance with the medical services in order to improve treatment, care, attention and rehabilitation
  • Works in assistance in the training of hospital and clinical personnel

The Breast Cancer Foundation - Bröstcancerfonden

Is a foundation benefiting development of the management of breast cancer treated persons and their relatives which supports the spreading of information as well as breast cancer research.

The Foundation is under the supervision of the Foundation for Control of Fundraising and is administered by The Swedish Breast Cancer Association.

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